Vitaly Barberis Canonico’s „REVENGE“ SUPER 150'S range is made entirely from 16.2 micron wool, spun to a 104,000 yarn count. This means that from each kilo of wool we obtain 104 kilometres of yarn. Produced in just a handful of regions in Australia, the wool is the result of strict breeding regimes and meticulous preparation. The health of the flock is essential, with some wool growers even putting protective covers on the sheep to save them from environmental pollution. Only about 11,000 bales of this exclusive wool are offered for sale each season in Australia, and Vitaly Barberis Canonico is the largest buyer in the world. This quality is produced with super fine yarns which allows us to produce two ply warp and weft giving the fabric a superb balance. The „REVENGE“ range is a collection for the most discerning. The colours and styles are timelessly elegant and are ideal for finely tailored suits, blazers and trousers.
The cloth in this bunch will be kept in production from the winter 2014/2015 season until summer 2017 inclusive. We shall accept orders up to October 2016.